Sunday School "Zatik" in Stepanakert

Sunday school "Zatik" at the Church of the Holy Mother of God in Stepanakert was opened in February 2022. Initially, there were 34 students in the class, aged 8 to 12. «Zatik» Sunday School teachers are Sofia Babayan and Lusine Gasparyan. In addition to studying the Holy Book and needlework, students also participate in pilgrimages and camps. During the summer holidays of the first academic year of the school, some children participated in a camp organized in the Diocese of Gugark, and one of the children was awarded a medal for discipline.

Sofia Babayan, a Bible teacher of Sunday School, does not deny that there are naughty children in the class, but she believes that through the joint efforts of the spiritual pastor and teachers, they will be able to show Christian values ​​in all children. On the other hand, the teacher mentioned that parents have noticed how the children are enjoying attending Sunday classes, and some testify that the children's behavior has changed for the better.

She also stressed the importance of mutual learning between teachers and children. “Honestly, I must say that I learned important lessons for myself from children about what a true Christian should be. Therefore, not only do we teach, but they also teach us.”

According to the Sunday school teacher, the spiritual pastor of the Church of the Holy Mother of God Matteos Dravants also pursues far-reaching goals: to involve girls in the church choir and young men in the service of the Holy Altar.

The Sunday school is in close contact with the youth union of the church: they plan joint programs and organize meetings with children during Sunday classes.

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