Singing lessons with expert specialist

With the blessing of His Grace Bishop Vrtanes Abrahamyan, the diocesan Primate, the spiritual singing course commenced on May 12 in the Artsakh diocese. The course is conducted by teacher Arkadi Barseghyan, who plays a crucial role in the re-establishment and strengthening of the Artsakh diocese. On the first day of the course, the teacher provided an overview of fundamental singing concepts, presented the historical foundations of Armenian music, and highlighted its distinctive features. The participants eagerly listened to captivating occasions and revelations from the teacher's experience. Mr. Barseghyan emphasized a significant observation that individuals from various nations around the world often perceive Armenian spiritual music as divine.

After acquiring theoretical knowledge, the participants of the course also had the opportunity to practice singing a section of the Holy Liturgy.

The course of spiritual singing is open to all interested individuals.

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