Church with students

On November 18 of this year, another event was held at Artsakh State University on the occasion of the International Student's Day, in the program of which the spiritual part had a special place. The Reverend Father Andreas Tavadyan, Deputy Director of the Artsakh Diocese CCEP Sub-deacon Artur Abrahamyan and Artsakh Diocese Secretary David Pashayan came to congratulate the students on this holiday.

The meeting began with the blessing of the youth. The clergy of the diocese congratulated the students on the holiday and, emphasizing the importance of the connection between the Church and the student, called on the students to strengthen themselves spiritually, along with the development of their thinking.

Our young students, being spirit-bearers of the national ideology and heirs of the preservation and strengthening of the national, must always be healthy in thought, body and especially spirit, because " The Spirit is the one who gives life. The flesh doesn’t help at all." (John 6:64).

With these thoughts, our clergy urged students to pay more attention to spiritual values, join church life, in particular, become members of diocesan youth unions and participate in daily joint prayers for the Motherland.

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