Rite of consecration of the new school

On November 25, a solemn ceremony of opening a secondary school was held in the village of Qert, Martuni region. The spiritual pastor of Martakert, Reverend Father Husik Dokholyan, took part in this special ceremony.

Father Husik conveyed to those present the blessing and congratulations of the Primate of the diocese, His Grace Bishop Vrtanes Abrahamyan on the occasion of the opening of the school, as well as prayers that only children worthy of the nation would leave the threshold of the school.

After that, Father Husik touched on the sacrament of the day and in his speech looked back at the past path of the country, thus inspiring the future sowers of the school. “We had such people who, in the midst of darkness, hunger and deprivation, gave the nation values ​​​​that do not disappear in time. And today we are obliged to educate a generation that will be useful for our people and our church.”

At the end of the solemn ceremony, Father Husik performed the rite of consecration of the school.