The first anniversary of the service of the leader of Artsakh Diocese

The war left an irreversible mark on the memory of the Armenian people, marking the fall of 2020 with a black color in Armenian history, and the post-war period was very difficult both in terms of physical and spiritual recovery. During this difficult period, Bishop Vrtanes Abrahamyan assumed the heavy, but lightened by Christ, yoke of the head of the diocese, replacing Archbishop Pargev Martirosyan, an honored, hard-working leader who had serious health problems.

Bishop Vrtanes is from Artsakh. Having chosen his path to God, for many years he took care of the flock entrusted to him. Prior to his appointment as the leader of the Artsakh diocese, he brought his long service in the RA Armed Forces as a spiritual leader. Bishop Vrtanes Abrahamyan is convinced that the current generation should be brought up in accordance with Christian virtues, showing the path of our ancestors and explaining how important it is to preserve our spiritual essence, material and non-material values.

“First of all, we tried to unite all the forces capable of filling the spiritual field with a vision so that people realize that the mission of the diocese is to preach the living word of God,” said the diocesan primate, casting a clear look at the previous year.

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