Interview of the primate of Artsakh Diocese to

- In the conditions of border tension in Artsakh, the local society these days is in a very sensitive situation, sometimes emotions take precedence over reason, cold judgment, how to get out of the situation and not let the enemy celebrate the victory, seeing the internal split, - tried to get an answer from the Primate of the Artsakh diocese, His Holiness Bishop Vrtanes Abrahamyan, who first of all noticed․

- Against the backdrop of this tension, to threaten our unity, our unity is not beneficial to either the government or the opposition. On the contrary, today we should be united more than ever, but unfortunately, I must say that it is very difficult for an Armenian to realize and understand the concept of “unite”. But today Artsakh, in order to show all the “interested” forces, is obliged to prove its unity to the whole world, to show that it is one. We must be able to repulse the enemy with one spirit, from now on any mistake can become fatal for Artsakh.

Summarizing his speech, His Holiness underlines:

- Let's not forget that we are in the period of Great Lent, let's forgive each other, defeat the enemy by joint efforts, let's not let the insidious enemy dare to disturb our family peace.

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