Christmas in Berdzor and Agavno

Christmas has always been a source of self-purification, restoration, and strength for Christians. In the snow-covered Berdzor, it was with such thoughts and hopes that the Christian good news was conveyed that the Savior of the world- the Anointed One, was born in the city of David.

The good news was conveyed from the altar of the church of St. Hambardzum to the faithful flock of Berdzor by the reverand pastor of the church of St. Hakob in Stepanakert, the Father Minas Movsisyan. At the end of the Christmas Liturgy, the rite of ablution was performed, symbolizing the appearance to the world and the baptism of Jesus Christ in the Jordan River by the hand of St. John the Baptist.

Then the clergy and those present at the liturgy went to the Agavno society of the Kashatag region, accompanied by the head of the administration of the Kashatag region Mushegh Alaverdyan and the mayor of Berdzor Narek Aleksanyan. The local secondary school was transformed into the widow of Bethlehem by the Christmas Council with the blessing of Father Minas, because God had visited there.

With the rite of blessing, the school of Agavno became spiritually stronger, and the peace and the love of the God penetrated there, for, as it is said in the psalm, “If the God does not build houses, the builders work in vain, if the God does not save the city, its guards save in vain".

After the war unleashed by Azerbaijan in the fall of 2020, due to the efforts of the leader of the community Andranik Chavushyan, Aghavno is restoring her normal breathing. Sixth grader Aida Matevosyan has only one dream: "Let there be no more war, I just want peace".

The school, consecrated by a clergyman, resembled one friendly Aghavno family, which has the name Aghavno, the grace-filled Aghavno family, which has names Artsakh, Armenia and the House of Armenians.

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