Blessing speech of the Primate of the Artsakh Diocese to the graduates of the Artsakh

Արցախի թեմի առաջնորդի օրհնության խոսքը Արցախի շրջանավարտներին

Dear graduates!

We sincerely congratulate you on the completion of the first important period of your life. Our soul is filled with joy when we see what bright young people are growing up in Artsakh. Under the conditions of the artificial blockade of Artsakh, when we are experiencing many hardships together when our tomorrow seems very uncertain, your youthful enthusiasm and love for life cheer up and strengthen our hearts.

The knowledge that you received during your school years, the instructions of your teachers and the experience that they shared will help you find your place and title in life. We wish that no matter what position and rank you reach in life, you will not forget about your greatest calling: the greatest calling of people of Artsakh is to live in our country and stand up for our land, sanctified by the blood of our fallen heroes, which were bright young people like you. Do not be cut off from your roots, because, like a tree, every person, cut off from his roots, is morally subject to withering and disappearing.

We pray that God will always be your companion in the later years of your life, and you will try to take all your steps according to the will of God, seek wisdom and truth in order to find perfect peace and freedom. Love our beautiful country completely and build your worthy happiness in a free and independent Artsakh.


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