The joint prayer held in all the churches of Artsakh

On April 2, at the initiative of the Artsakh Diocese of the AACC, a joint prayer was offered up in all the functioning churches of the diocese.

The Artsakh diocese recently issued a call to repentance, calling on the people of Artsakh to unanimously accept God and offer a joint prayer for peace in Artsakh. There were more people than usual in the Cathedral of the Holy Mother of God in Stepanakert today. The mass of the people of believers, filled with faith, united around one goal and one plan. In his address, the pastor of the church, father Nerses Asryan, emphasized the importance of the unity of the Armenian people, expressing his conviction that there are no such difficulties that we could not resolve with the help of God, especially since the Bible says: “If God is on our side, who can be against us?"

During a joint prayer, the hymn “Merciful Lord” was sounded in churches, to which everyone in the crowded churches knelt down and prayed for the love and mercy of the Lord for the peace of our Motherland.

At the end of the ceremony, a memorial service was held for the spirit of all our martyrs of the April 2016 war.

“Each prayer said in faith will not remain without fruit. By uniting and understanding Christianity, we will be able to enjoy the blissful paradise - Artsakh.” - says the secretary of the Artsakh diocese David Pashayan.

According to the participants of the joint prayer, people were waiting for the call of such a prayer, and that it is about time to repent publicly. Participants say that all hours are convenient for prayer, but today's prayer is a symbol of unity and peace.

The Armenian Apostolic Holy Church and the Christian Armenian people believe in the power of prayer, especially in a joint prayer: "Impossible for people is possible for God."