Holy Thursday. Washing of the feet service

Today is Holy Thursday. According to the church rite, the Primate of the Artsakh diocese, His Grace Bishop Vrtanes Abrahamyan today performed the Rite of washing of the feet service at the Cathedral of the Holy Mother of God in Stepanakert.

During the ceremony, the Holy Father washed and anointed with oil the feet of 12 men and boys in memory of the example of Christ washing the feet of his disciples in the upper room. Before his crucifixion, Christ struck the apostles with an example of humility, which is the basis of all Christian virtues.

Holy Thursday is the day of remembrance of the Last Supper of our Jesus Christ and the day of the sacrament of Holy Communion. This day of the Senior Week, the last day of the earthly life of Christ, is the most intense of church rites throughout the year.

On the evening of Holy Thursday, there is also the rite of the Eclipse, which refers to Holy Friday, symbolizing the crucifixion and burial of the Lord.

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