New Year Message

Dear believing Armenians!

Time moves forward with confident steps, tearing days from the future and turning them into the past. In this variable life, we have shelters where we must involuntarily stop and evaluate the course of events. The most important of these shelters is the moment of the end of the old year and the beginning of the new year with meaningful Christmas advice.

For us, the New Year and Christmas holidays seem to have acquired a different meaning and content. The last war in Artsakh reopened before us the signature of evil and sin, the breath of death once again carried over the Armenian land. At this time, full of trials and tribulations, we are constantly looking for peace and justice, looking for solid foundations that will give us the strength to live on. Our aspirations and desires will intensify in the New Year. And so, on this path of expectation, our prayers lead and place us before the manger of Bethlehem.

Today, every new human birth in the world is evidence that God has not yet been disappointed in us, and the birth of Jesus Christ is the greatest manifestation of God's love for us and fatherly mercy. This is why the Child Jesus is a solid rock on which we must rebuild our broken life at the homeland and a powerful testimony that our only faithful ally is our Heavenly Father, who loves us so much that he sent his Only-Begotten to be with us, and be like us.

Can the Christmas miracle become a tangible reality today? When Jesus was born in the city of Bethlehem, an army of the angels of God came to the shepherds, telling them the message of the birth of the Savior of the world, singing: "Glory to the Lord God, peace on earth and favor in people." Hidden in this glorification is the true purpose of the appearance of Christ—a true Christmas miracle.

When favour will be in people, that is, love, care, forgiveness and charity, and then it will be peace on earth, and God will be glorified in the highest light. If we cannot change the whole world at once, then at least we can spread the atmosphere of joy in our small country. God came to meet us, going down to the level of our human nature, we can only go towards him and rise to the Divine level. And it is possible for us. A vivid example of this is the Mother of God, all saints of church and our soldiers who fell for the sake of the motherland. Dear ones, Christmas will again and again insert before us the greatest choice in life: whether we choose light or darkness, it’s up to us to decide, and on this decision depends the realization of the Christmas miracle, both in our personal life and in our national life. At this important moment of spiritual experience, let us remember all our Armenians who gave their lives for the freedom of Artsakh in our prayers, wish our captives a speedy return, and may the fate of our children, covered with a veil of uncertainty, be revealed with goodness. And we, full of Hope and Faith, once again declare with great joy:

† Christ was born and revealed,

We and you are good news †

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