Seven Doors Monastery

Hadrut Province, Mokhrenes village

Seven Doors Monastery is located not far from Gtchavank, 3.5 km north-west of the village of Mokhrenes, at the foot of Mount Yughunes.

In the literature, only a few lines are dedicated to the Seven Doors Monastery.

The monastery complex is considered a sanctuary. It is consisted of three main buildings. The narthex is completely destroyed, only those parts of the walls that are closer to the ground remained from the other building, and the church is in a dilapidated state, but still stands. The ruins of the vestibule, like other ancillary structures, are located next to the church, on its northwest side.

The exact date of the construction of the church is unknown, but observation of architectural figures, ornaments and spatial composition allows us to attribute it to early medieval monuments. The church and the square temples are unique because include some of the architectural elements typical of the first Christian religious buildings.

The church is entirely lined with rough stone, except for the capitals with very old-fashioned dental sculptures.

No lithographic inscriptions have survived in the monastery, but there are inscriptions on two khachkars dating back to a later period, one of which is located in the back of the church scene, under the window, and the other in the courtyard.

A khachkar dating from 1044 and the grave of «Kandil the Monk» are located on the premises, and the monastery cemetery is situated nearby.


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