St. Pandaleon Monastery

Shushi Province, Mets Shen village

Parin Pizh Monastery is located in the northeastern part of Mets Shen village, Shоushi region. Parin Pizh is the local pronunciation of the phrase Mr. Doctor, the correct name is the Monastery of St. Pandaleon (Panteleimon) Doctor. According to another version, the name Parin Pizh is a modified sound of the phrase - Kind Doctor.

The monastery consists of the main church, built in 1658, and the chapel of St. Hripsime. The main temple was built in honor of Pandaleon, a martyr-doctor who lived in the 3-4th century in the city of Nicomedia in Asia Minor, whose remains, according to legend, are buried at the base of the church. The saint is considered the patron saint of soldiers in the Orthodox Church. In the West, it is believed that Saint Pandaleon has the gift of healing the diseases of soldiers and people, as well as healing wounds. The large and small churches were completely destroyed by the Azerbaijanis during the First Artsakh War. The Parin Pizh Church and the Chapel of St. Hripsime have been restored. There is an old, rather large cemetery next to the church.


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