Program for Sunday Schools

In our diocesan activities, special attention is paid to the program of opening Sunday schools at churches. Sunday school is an institution in which the Christian image of the younger generation should be formed.

The soul of children is like a flat, clean board - "Tabula rasa", and what will be written there will determine the progress of their future life.

Below are the annual costs for one school.


ProjectNumber of targetNumber of monthsPlanned budget for 1 unit, AMDPlanned budget for 1 year, AMD
Coordinator’s salary11025 000250 000
Bible teacher’s salary11025 000250 000
Handicraft teacher’s salary11025 000250 000
Handicraft materials1160 00060 000
Transport costs11020 000200 000
Transport expenses for retraining visits3390 000270 000
Christmas presents2515 000125 000
Pilgrimages2250 000100 000
Total 1 505 000 AMD
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