Liturgy at Amaras Monastery complex

Today, in the Amaras monastery complex, under the chairmanship of the Primate of the Artsakh Diocese, Bishop Vrtanes Abrahamyan, the Primate of the Armavir Diocese, Archbishop Sion Adamyan, served the Holy Liturgy. On the commemoration day of the first church-Green Sunday, the Amaras monastery was overcrowded. Armenians from other settlements of Artsakh and our dear compatriots from the Armavir Diocese, led by Father Tachat Injigulyan, also participated in the pilgrimage with the spiritual flock of the monastery.

In his address, the Primate of the Armavir Diocese expressed the hope that all the occupied shrines of Artsakh will one day be able to constantly receive our faithful into their arms.

“Prayer in the Amaras monastery complex is continuous and we must, with our faith and presence, maintain the continuity of this prayer, and not when we lose our shrines, we must begin to appreciate the monumental values ​​that we have. It is by the power of prayer that we can protect our sacred rights,” said Bishop Sion in his speech.

Amaras Monastery flourishes even today. The number of praying Armenians in Amaras is increasing again, which will undoubtedly make a great contribution both to the social and everyday life of the people, and also contributes to the healing of the wounds of Artsakh.

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