Anniversary of His Holiness Karekin II, Supreme Patriarch and Catholicos of All Armenians

In the name of the entire clergy of the Artsakh Diocese and our faithful children, we offer sincere congratulations and warm wishes on the occasion of the 72nd anniversary of Your Holiness. For more than two decades, the Patriarchal Throne of the Armenian Church has been entrusted to Your Holiness, and these years of service were truly full of many national and charitable initiatives.

Your Holiness, the years of Patriarchal ministry were also marked by many disasters and obstacles encountered in national life, and today deep anxiety and pain over the blockade of Artsakh and the uncertain future take place in your mind and in your soul. But, as during all the difficulties of the past, you continue today, with unchanging devotion and prudence, to make every effort for the unity of the Armenian people and the preservation of Artsakh as Armenian. Every citizen of Artsakh, along with their pain and righteous struggle, feels the compassionate and caring presence of Your Holiness.

Your Holiness, expressing our respect and sincere gratitude to all the people of Artsakh, we pray that the Almighty God will always keep the Holy Hand of Your Holiness strong, grant you good health and many days of life, so that you can continue to lead the Armenian flock of Christ to eternal havens.

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