Congratulation of the Primate of the diocese on the occasion of the feast of the Annunciation of the Holy Virgin Mary

Dear mothers and sisters,

Թեմակալ առաջնորդի խոսքը

Today, when our Motherland is going through trials and tribulations, by a mysterious coincidence, the joyful holiday of April 7 coincided with the day of remembrance of the Passion and Crucifixion of our Lord Jesus Christ. This event invites us to look at the Holy Virgin Mary from a new and deeper spiritual perspective.

The Holy Mother of God, who is the embodiment of the concepts of motherhood, virtue and true beauty, warming the human soul, stands today before the Cross of Her Son, and every blow and dishonor endured by Him pierces Her heart like a sword. But this inexpressible suffering could not suppress Her maternal love and the hope hidden in the corner of her soul that the life of her Mysterious Child, bestowed by God, could not end in such a hopeless death. Mary believed in the promise given to her at the Annunciation and waited for its fulfillment. In His humble wisdom, from the birth of Jesus, He kept everything in Himself and meditated on it in His heart (Luke 2:19).

With her unconditional faith in God and humility, the Mother of God comes to cheer and console all our Armenian mothers and daughters, those who live in the pain of their homeland, those who today live and support Artsakh with their maternal prayers and love, and those who gave away their beloved children for the sake of Motherland, having taken a sword in the heart like Mary.

Dear Mothers and Sisters, on this beautiful feast of the Annunciation of the Holy Virgin Mary, we bring you our congratulations and the sincere warmth of our hearts and ask the intercession of the Mother of God for all Armenian mothers, sisters and our Motherland. Draw near to God in faith and humility so that you, like Mary, may fully enjoy the joy of the Resurrection.

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