The appeal of the Primate of the Diocese on the occasion of today's situation

Prelate of the Artsakh Diocese

"Serve One Another With Love"

(Gal 5:13)

Dear compatriots!

In these days of geopolitical change, all of our thoughts and concerns are naturally focused on the small ship and its boat as it navigates the stormy seas of the world. Armenia and Artsakh - this ship and its lifeboat.

What and how to do so that we are not swallowed by the waves that are constantly trying to sink us? Once upon a time our Ship was powerful and large, because it had powerful captains and unanimous passengers, but over the centuries many captains began to appear, who, building separate boats, divided the passengers of the ship into parts, and since they were separate and small, then sooner or later they began to sink. Those passengers who survived after the wrecks of various boats remembered the power of their great ship and, with God's help, built a new ship - the Republic of Armenia with its own lifeline - Artsakh. But it does not matter, the sea and the waves have always been and will be.

Therefore, our main idea is one. What should we do in order not to repeat our historical mistakes and not to divide the already small Armenian ship into parts? Today, the enemy is trying to finally take away our lifeline - Artsakh, and then tear the ship itself apart. What do we do when, where we expected to find protection, help and care, we find trials and tribulations?

In fact, all this happens so that no one will ever trust in people and always remember the word of Holy Scripture. “Do not rely on princes - on the sons of men, for there is no salvation from them” (Ps. 144: 3).

Dear ones, today our people are facing such a difficult test, when the question of our existence-non-existence, the disappearance of our national dignity is raised. The destructive sin of indifference is so deeply rooted in us that the division of our country harms only the inhabitants of this part and a group of patriotic and conscious people. By and large, we have become so dumb that we are even ready to offer the enemy Artsakh, liberated at such a high price, for the sake of our “peaceful and prosperous” life.

Are Armenians like that? Have we completely lost our dignity, is the land sanctified by the blood of our children some kind of commodity that we can sell?...

Dear compatriots, we need to sober up, from the highest official to the builder, and stand up for our country. Believe me, no matter what the trials, they are powerless to destroy us, if we serve each other with love, according to the word of God (cf. Gal. 5:13), then God will be our good Leader, and if God is with us, who can be against us (cf. Rom. 8:31).

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