Feast of St. Interpreters in Kagartsi

October 8 this year in the Artsakh Diocese in the church of St. Interpreters in the village of Kaghartsi, Martuni region, celebrated the national and church holiday of our Holy Translators Archimandrites Mesrop, Yeghishe, Movses the Poet, philosopher David the Invincible, Grigor Narekatsi and Nerses the Blessed, the invention of Armenian symbols and the translation of the Holy Book. On the advice of the holiday, the spiritual pastor of Khnatsakh and the surrounding villages, Father Andreas Tavadyan, served the Holy Liturgy of the Covenant under the chairmanship of the Primate of the Diocese, Bishop Vrtanes Abrahamyan. The church was crowded and warm. Liturgies have not been celebrated in the church for a hundred years.

The head of the administration of the Martuni region, students of the Sunday school of the Church of St. Jacob in Stepanakert and the faithful people of the community, as well as members of the Youth Union of the Artsakh Diocese and the youth of the Artsakh State University, residents of the Kagartsi community and nearby villages attended the Liturgy. At the end of the Liturgy, a memorial service was performed in memory of the builders of the church, benefactors and our Armenian soldiers who died for their homeland in the Artsakh wars, and in particular, the martyrs of Kaghartsi.

The Reverend Father, referring to the advice of the day and the biographies of the saints, specifically mentioned: “St. Mesrop Mashtots teaches us not to be afraid and overcome all trials and difficulties with prayer, St. Sahak Partev taught us to be great and humble, St. Eghishe taught us patriotism and self-sacrifice with the story of the Vardans, Saint Movses taught us Armenian history, and Saint Narekatsi taught us how to ascend to God with humility.

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