Good Message of the Holy Resurrection

“Dear compatriots!

On the occasion of the miraculous Resurrection of our Savior Jesus Christ, we send you our heartfelt congratulations and repeat the good news: “Christ is risen”.

The celebration of the Holy Resurrection, following Christ's example, teaches us that we can endure suffering, torment, and pain, yet achieve the most blissful and eternal good. The path of difficulties should be regarded not as a punishment, but as a trial and an opportunity to strive for and attain greater accomplishments. In this context, we should also envision the return of our native Artsakh, a process that may be achieved amid numerous challenges, yet it will constitute a blissful achievement for all of us.

With prayers to God, we wish for unwavering peace in both our personal and national lives. May this holy feast of the Lord fill all our souls with the unquenchable light of Resurrection, so that we never succumb to darkness and death.

WP Radio
WP Radio