Spiritual conversation with father Nerses Asryan

Every Thursday in the Cathedral of the Holy Mother of God in Stepanakert, the pastor of the church, Father Nerses Asryan, has a spiritual conversation with the faithful who have gathered in the church. During each conversation, the Father speaks on different and at the same time interconnected spiritual topics, after which discussions take place between the clergyman and the faithful in the format of questions and answers.

The topic of another spiritual conversation today was “The Nine Beatitudes” (Gospel of Matthew). The Father explained in detail the meaning of these profound commandments, comparing it with the Beatitudes in the Gospel of Luke.

During the spiritual conversation, there were interesting discussions, which is why the topic of the conversation will continue next Thursday, during the meeting, which will be able to be attended by all believers who want to fill the gap in their spiritual life and get answers to their questions.

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