The Armenian Church continues to celebrate Holy Christmas

Today, January 8, the Armenian Apostolic Holy Church continues to celebrate the Holy Nativity and Epiphany.

On the occasion of the holiday, in the church of St. Gevorg in the village of Astghashen, Askeran region, under the chairmanship of the Primate of the Artsakh Diocese, Bishop Vrtanes Abrahamyan, the local spiritual pastor, Reverend Father Beniamin Tsaturyan, served the Holy and Immortal Liturgy.

Rev. Father Andreas Tavadyan and our pious spiritual brothers took part in the Holy Liturgy.

The ceremony was attended by the faithful children of the community, the local school administration with teaching staff, students of the Sunday school of St. Gevorg church, members of the Women's and Youth Unions.

At the beginning of his sermon, Rev. Father Beniamin Tsaturyan thanked the Primate of the Diocese for honoring him with his presence and bringing joy to him and his faithful flock and for spending this wonderful and important day in his community. In his sermon, Father Beniamin presented the importance of Christmas and Epiphany in order to unite, find peace in the soul and fight against this unity in these difficult days.

Bishop also delivered a blessing, congratulatory and thanksgiving speech at the end of the Liturgy, urging the mind, body and soul to move forward in a single impulse towards the beautiful and God-pleasing, which is the path of salvation.

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