Message of the Primate of the Artsakh Diocese, Bishop Vrtanes Abrahamyan, on the occasion of Army Day

Gentlemen officers, soldiers, dear compatriots,

Once again we celebrate the feast of the Armenian Army together, although not in a festive mood and with full joy. The last few years have been quite difficult for the Armenian army, and in 2023 it lost its eldest child, the Artsakh Defense Army. When we look back at our past and try to reassess our path, it would be foolish to attribute our losses and the latest failures of the national struggle only to our defenders of the fatherland, for the army is a mirror of the people and clearly shows the level of health of our country and statehood.

During the last Artsakh wars, we witnessed many outstanding feats of soldiers and officers of the Armenian Army. This will mean that our Army's potential and ability to fight bravely is not lost, but due to our collective weakness, today our Army is wounded and in the process of recovery. Therefore, my dears, today more than ever the Armenian Army needs our love and sincere care.

Believing in the worthy and victorious future of our glorious Army, we once again congratulate all of us on this important holiday and pray that Almighty God will strengthen the power of the Armenian army and preserve the steadfastness of our Armenian country.

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