Interview of Father Vachagan Gyurjyan to "Artsakhpress"

In order to overcome the situation that has arisen, we must renounce all the evil phenomena that are destroying the country and the nation. One of the main goals of the activities of the Artsakh Diocese is the unification of the people of Artsakh under the roof of the church, both in peaceful conditions and during trials.

Interview of Father Vachagan Gyurjyan to "Artsakhpress" correspondent about the current situation.

“Throughout the Artsakh struggle, the Church was the vanguard of this struggle, the giver of spirit and blessing. Naturally, today also, when Artsakh is under blockade and bears many hardships, the Artsakh Diocese cannot remain aloof from the hardships of its children. Large-scale work is underway, including in the direction of preserving the spiritual and psychological stability of the people.

To our joy, we can testify that the number of parishioners and participants in liturgies has increased incomparably. Difficulties and hardships make a person look inside himself, raise his eyes, seek God, and the path of this search leads him to the Church.

The sectarians are trying to convince that the only way to be saved is to join one or another of their groups. They pose a serious threat to our wounded country, both in terms of national security and the spiritual unity of the people. The Church is also trying to overcome these separating challenges.

In order to overcome the situation that has arisen in the country, we must renounce all the evil phenomena that destroy the country and the nation: selfishness, ambition, greed, and so on. When the power of love in Artsakh and in Armenia conquers the love of power, then peace will come.

Today, all Christian churches should turn their eyes to the world of Artsakh, which is the ancient cradle of Christianity, should understand that the shrines of this country are universal and when it is handed over to the hands of unbelievers and defiled, then everyone will have to answer before God, because their brothers were in trouble, they were sick, they were in prison and they did not visit them (cf. Matt. 25:31-46).

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