Bishop Vrtanes Abrahamyan meets Parish Council of St. Hakob Church

On August 3, 2021, saw the Primate of the Artsakh Diocese Bishop Vrtanes Abrahamyan meet with members of Stepanakert st. Hakob Church members. The parish council was headed by the pastor of the church reverend Minas Movsisyan.

His Excellency began the meeting with the Lord's Prayer, then the reverend introduced the members of the parish council elected after the war.

Bishop Vrtanes presented his vision of the post-war priorities of the diocese, namely those facing the parish council.

His Excellency believed preaching to be the core of faith and a major purpose of the church. He also noted the importance of measuring church buildings under Artsakh control and generating a technical-cultural description of churches under Azeri control to submit to international authorities. His Excellency emphasized meetings between the clergy and the congregation to revive inclusive parish life, engagement in spiritual talks and pilgrimages.

The members of the parish council shared their concerns and intentions, discussed relevant problems, namely of shortage of deacons and clergy, restoration of churches and aid to parish, in particular to women's and youth unions and their undertakings.