"Dizak" kindergarten of Hadrout reopens in Stepanakert

His Holiness Garegin II and AGBU Chairman Perch Sedrakyan with the support of the Artsakh government reopened Hadrut kindergarten "Dizak" to be attended by children from Hadrut and to employ Hadrut kindergarten personnel.

This is a unique opportunity for the residents of Hadrut to support one another, preserve the dialect and jointly overcome the pain of loss. This is a platform to educate and empower youth, to find hope, to draw closer to roots.

The newly opened kindergarten was consecrated by the pastor of the Hadrut region reverend Mathew.

The intention to open kindergarten was mentioned during the three-day June visit of His Holiness, who highly approved of it, as claimed by the adviser to the president on diaspora issues Azatuhi Simonyan. The intention was called to live after several days after the Patriarch's departure, making the impossible possible.