The past difficult year (2023) and good expectations for the coming year (2024)

Looking back to 2023, we understand that the past year has been a year of trials and many challenges for the Armenian people. Our people felt the severe consequences of those cruel trials on their own skin. We need to analyze what was done and what was not done to understand where the mistake was.

As the first nation to officially embrace Christianity, we must remain true to our own covenant by following the word of Christ and freeing ourselves from all evil and bad thoughts and deeds. Only repentance and remorse will save us and protect us from new disasters and hardships. Through love and care for one another, virtuous attitudes and honest deeds, the Lord will enlighten our lives and warm our hardened hearts, “for every grace and every perfect gift is from above” (James 1:17).

We must be bold because the boundaries of our mission have expanded. Among our goals, the desire to return Artsakh has also increased. Despair and weakness do not become a Christian. If the Armenian people weakened from each of their trials, we would not have all the victories that have accumulated over the centuries.

May we all be strengthened in faith and move with the truest guide of our lives - the Holy Scriptures, which also says: “God will bless them again and return them to their native land... The Lord will glorify His people, and all who love the Lord God will rejoice in truth and justice (Tobit 14:5-7)''.

Dear ones, we wish you all a year full of God's blessings, where love and kindness will increase every day. Let 2024 and all subsequent years become years of peace established by the victory of the Armenian people.

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