The message of His Holiness Karekin II, Supreme Satriarch and Catholicos of All Armenians on the Armed forces day of the Republic of Armenia

From the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin, We extend Our Blessings to the officers and soldiers of our Armed Forces, and all our people, on the occasion of Armed Forces Day.

From the days of the Artsakh movement, the Armenian regular army was formed by the union of volunteer squads and armories, which for more than three decades, unleashed the military operations of Azerbaijan on the borders of Artsakh Armenia and fought with unparalleled feats. Many brave men became immortal, accepting the crown of martyrdom for the sake of the motherland.

Dear faithful, in the complex situation prevailing in our region, the all-round strengthening of the Armenian Army is paramount. In light of the catastrophic tragedies that have befallen us, the occupation of Artsakh, we must support our army with all our efforts, because the Armenian army is the guarantor of the peaceful and dignified life of our people, safe future and independent statehood of Armenians. We confirm with gratitude that our spiritual ministers have been and will be next to the officers and soldiers of the Armenian Army for pastoral care, to strengthen the spirit of our brave warriors and keep their faith and hope in God strong.

Today, we are concerned about the current tense and warlike situation in the world, particularly the events unfolding around our motherland, the conquest ambitions shown towards our state. We have faith that with the help of the Almighty God, a strong army and national unity, we will be able to face the challenges and establish the bright future of our state and our people around the world.

Let the valiant feat and bright memory of our martyrs summed up in Yerablur, the sacred land of the motherland, become a sacred deposit for us to keep the love and dedication of our country undiminished, to turn our pain and sorrow into strength and determination for the sake of our country's construction and prosperity.

On this sacred day of the army, we pray for the peace of the souls of the heroic Armenians who died for the sake of the motherland and ask for the quick return of the captured Armenians and the missing. May the Almighty Lord grant peaceful and safe service to our soldiers and officers and bless and protect our native country and all our people around the world under His care today and always. Amen.

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