Maundy Thursday. Day of Remembrance of the Last Supper

Filled with sacraments and church rituals, this day is special in Holy Week. Maundy Thursday began with the rite of repentance, during which our faithful, who were fasting, received absolution of sins, which gave them the right to receive the Body and Blood of Christ during the Holy Liturgy.

According to the church rite, the rite of washing the feet was also performed, which had a wonderful message: in humility and humility, Christ served as an example for all of us.

The head of the diocese led the church ceremonies in the Church of the Holy Mother of God in Stepanakert. Following the example of Christ, His Eminence washed and anointed with oil the feet of 12 boys chosen from the Sunday school students of the diocese. At the end of the ceremony, consecrated oil was distributed to the faithful.

In the evening there was also an eclipse ceremony, which refers to Good Friday, symbolizing the suffering and crucifixion of the Lord.

In the monasteries and churches of the diocese, the clergy performed the church rites of Maundy Thursday.

Church of the Holy Mother of God in Stepanakert

Church of the Holy Mother of God in Askaran city

Church of St. John Baptist in Martakert city

St. George church in Astghashen village

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