The Primate of Artsakh Diocese talked about the main problems

On October 25, in an interview with journalists, the Primate of the Artsakh Diocese Bishop Vrtanes Abrahamyan spoke about the current situation in Artsakh and the main problems.

“I am more for strengthening the army than for building a new church. The churches were built, repaired, so what? If our army is weak, we cannot continue to live off the repair of churches. If we aren't strong physically, we will not be able to fulfill our spiritual mission. I am sure that if there are strong borders in Artsakh and people of border villages have jobs, they will repair local monasteries with their own hands,” he said.

According to the spiritual leader of Artsakh, first of all, it is necessary to strengthen security in Artsakh, and then to enrich the spiritual and cultural life.

“The Church always says that there should be strong government houses next to a strong spiritual house. One of the government houses is the army. What did our fathers do in Kachakhakaberd? First, a fortress was built, then a bridge, and only then a church. “We must set the same priorities,” spiritual leader said.

According to him, the issue of the status of Artsakh is a priority for the entire people of Artsakh.

“Each decision of the authorities has direct consequences for the people of Artsakh. If the future of Artsakh becomes clear, new churches will be built, and the old ones will be restored. I don't say that there is no need to restore churches or separate spiritual life from the army, on the contrary, a praying soldier is an invincible soldier, our ancestors went to defend the Motherland with crosses. Hope in God never shames, but one who has this hope must also be confident in the decisions of his authorities," said the Holy Father.

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