Address of the Primate of the Artsakh Diocese to the citizens of artsakh

Be serious and keep watch; the Evil One, who is against you, goes about like a lion with open mouth in search of food. Do not give way to him but be strong in your faith

Peter 5:8

Dear residents of Artsakh,


These words of the Bible should always resound in our ears, because a Christian, especially an Armenian Christian, has no right to nap or lose his sobriety either physically or mentally.

In this speech, the Apostle Peter calls us first of all to be vigilant in mind and soul in order to defend ourselves against visible and invisible enemies. This biblical truth has always led our ancestors, and today it must guide us so as not to weaken first spiritual, and then physical vigilance. Today, it is more suitable for our daily life. Living in the neighborhood with insidious enemies, we simply do not have the right to weaken our vigilance, become numb and fall asleep, otherwise we will suffer losses.Even today, the enemy is trying to break us in many ways, through information warfare, creating an artificial humanitarian crisis, and in other insidious ways that are unique to him. Therefore, the admonition of the Apostle Peter, which sounds like this, is very relevant today: “Be vigilant, be prepared, for you do not know when the enemy will come.”

Yes, in such conditions it is difficult to live in peace, but is this behavior of the enemy news to us, is it the first time they want to leave Artsakh without an Armenian? History is full of such episodes, but the truth is that we live in our country to this day.

We should not be oppressed by any everyday difficulties and uncertainty, because if our war dead did not hesitate to give their lives for Artsakh, then we should not hesitate to endure any other difficulties with honor for the sake of Artsakh.

The steps taken by the enemy largely depend on the position we take and the level of vigilance, and we must, by our unity and our strong bonds, force respect for ourselves and our freedom. We have a task to unite, we must understand that the interests of the Motherland and the state must surpass our personal interests, be above all our daily and personal aspirations and become a priority in the lives of all of us. Those who today have the opportunity to support the Armenian soldier and the Armenian state should not hesitate a second and get to work. Because this war, like fire, flares up from house to house, it spares no one.

If we sincerely love our country and are faithful to it, believe me, God will reward us more.

May the Lord strengthen us and all our defenders of the Motherland, so as not to lose heart, stand firm, be guided by faith, and not lose vigilance.

May the Lord God protect Artsakh.

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