"Artsakh's heart is still beating". The Primate of the Artsakh Diocese

Oragir.news talked with the Primate of the Artsakh diocese, Bishop Vrtanes Abrahamyan, about issues related to the organization of the pilgrimage.

Your Eminence, for some time now the Azerbaijani side has been preventing the organization of the pilgrimage to Dadivank. Will it be possible to make the pilgrimage this time? Are there any agreements already reached?։

If I didn't think that we could achieve this, I wouldn't have converted, there is some inner desire that this time hardened hearts can be broken, they will allow us to go and pray. So far, there seem to be no obstacles.

That is, there is already a final agreement with the peacekeepers and the Azerbaijani side, will they allow you to pass this time?

I don't know if it's allowed or not. The peacekeepers are definitely on our side, I must say that the peacekeepers have a different attitude towards Dadivank, they are doing everything to fulfill the agreements.

How long have you been unable to make the pilgrimage to Dadivank?

In a month it will be a year since we have not been able to organize a pilgrimage. Although the church is active. Dadivank is one of the monasteries of the Artsakh diocese, there is unanimity there, the abbot of the monastery is there, peacekeepers are there, our clergy are completely immersed in their spiritual mission, they are in constant contact with us.

Your Eminence, but there were agreements with the Azerbaijani side regarding the organization of the pilgrimage. What are the reasons for the violation of these agreements?

Not only this is violated, unfortunately, everything is violated, the whole system is violated. Now, to my regret, this is not only Dadivank, there are many problems.

In recent days, the RA National Assembly has been discussing the issue of lowering the status of Artsakh, that is, the issue of transferring Artsakh to Azerbaijan. What are the moods in Artsakh in connection with this?

I can say one thing, did you say " National Assembly"? I can not agree that this is " national ", maybe this is a place for an assembly, but not a national one, because the National Assembly should think about the nation, there, the members of the assembly are for themselves make decisions, but the heart of Artsakh is there, it is still beating and will be beating, regardless of the decisions of these members of the assembly. If it is national, then it should be guided by national law. As for the mood of the people, I must say with a Christian accent that when Jesus Christ was crucified, all the disciples fled in despair, but united after the Resurrection. I think that after the miraculous Resurrection of Christ, our people will become even more united and understand that life and struggle in Artsakh is the only way to keep Artsakh Armenian and Christian.

What would you say to people who think that Artsakh can be part of Azerbaijan, in which case the people of Artsakh will be able to live in their own country? Is it possible?

No, it's not possible. Due to Stalin's unfair decision, the people of Artsakh struggled to join Armenia because Artsakh is an inherent part of Armenia. Artsakh cannot be in a foreign land. People who say such things, if they could think, they would not say such things, they express another’s intention.

There were deputies in the National Assembly who said that the Church and the clergy should not be involved in politics, what do you say?

I have not been involved in politics and do not intend to, I only express the pain of my people. Everyone should be in his mission and we are in our mission, that's why we are called the national Church. The sadness of our people is our sadness, their joy, successes are ours. The Church has always been close to the state, with the army and the people. Anyone who doubts, let him read history again.