Congratulation message from the Primate of the Artsakh Diocese on the occasion of the annunciation of the holy virgin Mary, motherhood and beauty day

Ավետման տոն

Dear mothers and sisters,

We congratulate you on April 7, the feast of the Annunciation of the Holy Mother of God, and bring our prayers and blessings to all women who are waiting for the joy of motherhood. The greatest gift of a woman is to be a mother, thanks to which human life acquires continuity. We, Armenians, have long accepted this sacred reality and paid special respect to mother and motherhood, calling our most cherished saints Mother: Motherland, Mother Armenia, Mother Church, Mother Earth, Mother Language…

A special link in this chain was the Mother of the Armenian Soldier, especially the Mother Who Lost her Son. Just as the Holy Mother of God gave birth, nursed and raised the Baby Jesus with care and at the end appeared in tears before His Cross, so Mothers of our Heroes gave birth to their children, surrounding them with their love and care, and during a threat to their Motherland, dutifully sent them to Golgotha. Like the Holy Mother of God, the sword passed through their hearts, but we must not forget that the Holy Mother of God did not remain in despair, because, finally, Jesus Christ resurrected and did not leave his mother alone, their love was so deep that Jesus took her with him and gave her grace to be the greatest intercessor for humanity. May our Armenian mothers also hope in Jesus Christ to meet their sons in eternity.

Dear Mothers and Sisters, on this beautiful spring feast, we ask the intercession of the Holy Mother of God for you, for our people, in order to be filled with hope and optimism for life. Let the image of the Virgin Mary be a guide for our daughters, sisters, our mothers so that they adorn themselves with virtuous deeds and seek eternal happiness.

Happy Annunciation!

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