Congratulation message of the rector of ARSU

The Rector of ArSU Armen Sargsyan congratulated the Primate of the Artsakh Diocese of the Armenian Apostolic Church Bishop Vrtanes Abrahamyan on his 60th birthday

Your Eminence,

On behalf of the representatives of the professorial staff of Artsakh State University, as well as on my own behalf, we would like to sincerely congratulate you on your 60th anniversary.

In the most difficult periods of Armenian history, spiritual leaders have always stood out for their patriotic and charitable wisdom and unbending will to unite and lead our nation. The indestructible manifestation of this age-old wisdom and will power is seen today in your diligent service and activity.

The importance of your mission in the preservation, strengthening and dissemination of true national and spiritual values ​​is great. Your efforts are obvious in the direction of rooting and spreading throughout the world the consciousness that Artsakh is the sacred homeland of the Armenians, as well as your efforts in the sacred mission of educating generations with Christian values, and by the power of faith and prayer to God, sowing and strengthening the hope and faith of the people in future, after the losses of the war. Your efforts are also obvious in the revival of Artsakh and the preservation of its Armenian identity.

I wish you health, strength and vigor, charitable service and well-being in the name of the fruitful continuation of your mission and the longevity of our Motherland.

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