Pilgrimage to the church of St. Nerses the Great in Martuni


Dear compatriots!

On June 25, the Armenian Apostolic Holy Church celebrates the Feast of the Catholicos of St. Nerses the Great and Khat the Bishop. The Armenian Church considers two of its devoted children to be saints, and jointly celebrates their memory on the Saturday following the Feast of the Cathedral of St. Etchmiadzin.

The holiday was commemorated by the Holy and Immortal Liturgy, which took place in the city of Martuni, in the church named after Nerses the Great, by the hand of the local pastor, Father Hovhan Hovhannisyan. The Holy Liturgy was attended by the clergy of the Diocese, as well as the former pastor of St. Nshan Church, Father Mkrtich Keshishyan.

A group of pilgrims gathered in the church named after the saint and prayed together with the clergy for the intercession of the saints. “Catholicos Nerses the Great became the pillar on which his son Sahak Partev, together with Mesrop Mashtots, worked to create the Armenian alphabet, with the help of which we had to read, preach and learn the word of God. Today we can see the activity of St. Nerses in each of us and become a true believer in God. Let St. Nerses the Great and Bishop Had intercede for Artsakh” ,- said Father Hovhan Hovhannisyan.

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