Havaptuk Monastery

The monastic complex is called Havotsptuk. It also has the name “The fort of Ruzan”. It is situated to the south of the Gandzasar monastery, on the wooded peak of a high hill. The monastery is composed of two churches and a vestibule. In addition to these buildings, there are also the remains of other structures. There are 2 cemeteries near the monastery. The walls of the monastery church were built of rough limestone blocks. According to the inscriptions, the church was built in 1163 and rebuilt in 1223.

On the west side of the church there is a small square structure without an apse. The doors of this building and the church are located in the southern part.

On the territory of the monastery there are khachkars that served as gravestones and generally have a height of no more than 1m.


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