Youth with the church, church with youth

The Youth Union of the Artsakh Diocese continues to hold its weekly meetings, where clergymen talk with members of the union on various important topics, have interesting discussions by questions and answers, watch spiritual and feature films, and thus, members of the union get a clearer picture of ​​​​spiritual values.

The clergy who lead the youth explain the topics so enthusiastically and accessible that these positive charges are transferred to the members of the union, thanks to which the sprout of spiritual flowering awakens in them again. That is why the participants always attend such meetings with great inspiration, bringing their loved ones and replenishing the ranks of the members of the union.

Meetings are held in various interesting formats full of surprises. Recently, at the initiative of the union, spiritual song training courses have started. The Youth Union seeks to expand the scope of its programs, thereby uniting youth around the church and strengthening our centuries-old faith.

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